Meaningful Jewelry Gifts for Mother’s Day That Will Touch Her Heart

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It’s springtime and Mother’s Day is just right around the corner! If you’re looking for personalized jewelry gift ideas, then you’ve come to the right place! All of Ever Aster’s jewelry carries a special message within each pendant to help you express the words in your heart!

Mother’s Day is the time to say the big things with the small stuff. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of jewelry pieces for Mother’s Day that will help you convey your words of affirmation and appreciation to your Mother! Let’s celebrate your mom with a special gift she can always hold close to her heart.

Jewelry That Says a Simple “I Love You”

A simple “I Love You” from a child to their mother is always appreciated. Thankfully, love has many symbols to choose from so you can show your mother how deep your love runs for her.

Pearl Jewelry

The pearl is a tiny treasure from the sea that's known for its healing qualities. Perfect for stressed out moms who need a little peace and serenity in their hectic lives.

Shop the Pearl jewelry collection here.


Pearl Anne Necklace


Pearl Drop Necklace


Pearl Cord Bracelet


Pearl Bead Bracelet


Pearl Hoop Earrings


Moon Jewelry

The well-known saying “I love you to the Moon and back” never loses its meaning, because it demonstrates how far we’re willing to go for our loved ones. It symbolizes devotion that knows no bounds.

Shop the moon jewelry here. 


Moon Leaf Necklace


Heart Jewelry

Hearts will never fail you when it comes to expressing love. Classic, timeless, elegant, and sure to melt your mother’s heart.

Shop the heart jewelry here.


Mom Heart Necklace



Mother & Daughter Heart Necklace Set


Script Jewelry

Sometimes, a simple word carries more emotions than a grand gesture of poetry. If you’re a person of few words, this is the perfect Mother’s Day jewelry gift for your mother.

Shop the script jewelry here.


Love Script Necklace


Jewelry That Says “We’re Never Far Apart”

No distance is too far for a mother and child’s love. It’s a bond that stretches across states, countries, and oceans. If you live far away from your mother or you’re going to be apart soon, these jewelry pieces will serve as a strong bond to each other.


There’s power in carrying someone’s name with you. It’s not a replacement for that person, but it will give the wearer a sense of comfort until the two are reunited.

Shop the initial jewelry here.


Leaf Initial Necklace



The beautiful imagery of Ever Aster’s stack necklaces makes them a Mother’s Day gift full of emotion and meaning. Pick out the charms that represent you and your mother the most, so that no matter where you are she can have a piece of you with her.

Shop stack jewelry here.


Mom of Wildflowers Necklace


birth moth flower stack necklace

Birth Month Flower Stack Necklace


Jewelry That Celebrate Her Personality

Each mother has her own set of qualities we love to brag about to our friends. Why not let her know how much you love those qualities that make her such a great mother? 


What better way to show your mother appreciation than getting her a piece of jewelry that celebrates her birth month? Ever Aster’s new collection of Birth Month Flowers will show your mother how much her personality means to you.

Shop the flower jewelry here.


Aster Necklace



Every mother is a star in my eyes. If you want to show your mother how much you love her inner sparkle, a star-themed piece of jewelry is the best way to do it.

Shop the star jewelry here.


Starburst Arch Necklace


I hope these jewelry gift ideas for Mother’s Day has inspired you to express your love in a meaningful way. 


If you want more ideas for Mother’s Day jewelry, go see Ever Aster’s whole collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that carry messages of deep love.



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