Hey all! I’m Kim and I’m so happy you stopped by my shop!

 I live in rural New Jersey (I swear it exists!) with my husband, two children, one cat and seven chickens. I love all things tea and broadway, and have attempted way too many Pinterest DIYs.

I’ve always loved minimalist jewelry and when I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I started making pieces for myself. What started as a hobby has now grown into a full-fledged business – handmade jewelry inspired by hope.

Each piece is hand stamped, providing special meaning for those wearing my jewelry. Working from my workspace in the upstairs of a barn in rural New Jersey, I craft each piece with care and attention to detail. The jewelry makes thoughtful gifts and effortless ways to commemorate an event as lovely little reminders. Every piece is inspired by hope and destined to endure. With simple designs at the core of my work, I aim to provide inspiration with each handmade piece I sent out into the world.

I am blessed to work from my home studio.  When not working on my business, you’ll often find me watching Titanic documentaries with my son (he’s obsessed!), having tea parties with my daughter and her stuffed animals (with the occasional dance party thrown in), chasing our chickens,  binge watching Parenthood or Gilmore Girls and daydreaming about a trip to Greece and Italy. Truthfully, I am living my dream job – a hope turned into a reality.