How To Organize Your Jewelry

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There's nothing like the feeling of cool metal against your skin. The gleam of sterling silver, the shine of gold—these are things that inspire wild emotions in people. But wearing jewelry means keeping it organized and clean so you can always have it on hand when you want to wear it.

If you're not sure where to start, then use these tips to display your precious jewelry with style and class.

Decide what organizing system works for you.

The way you store your jewelry depends on your collection size, display preference, and the amount of space you have dedicated for your jewelry.

The first thing to consider is whether you want to group your pieces by type, color, or size.

For example, if you only want to display one kind of piece at a time (such as necklaces or rings), it’s best to organize them together by category.

If you have many different types of jewelry that are similar in style and color but made from different materials (gold and silver), try organizing by material.

You also have the option of grouping items based on numbers like this:

  • Necklaces by length
  • Bracelets by width
  • Earrings by size

Open or closed storage?

Do you like seeing all your pieces displayed at once? Or does the idea of a sleek, minimal storage unit sound more appealing?

Everyone has their own preferences! Here's some different open storage ideas to try.

A wall-mounted jewelry rack.

Wall-mounted jewelry racks are a great way to display your jewelry. They are easy to install and keep your jewelry easy to grab when you're getting dressed.

You can hang them in your closet or bedroom, and they look especially good when you style them with decor pieces too.

Hang up a pegboard with storage baskets.

Pegboard hooks work well if you want to create a little wall of hooks to organize all your accessories at once. They also don't take up any floor space!

Don't forget to plan ahead! Measure the wall space you want to use before buying a pegboard to make sure you buy the right size. Mount your pegboard with follow the included instructions when you're ready to secure it into place.

Once your pegboard is secured onto the wall, pin cloth storage baskets to the board (or use ones that you have lying around your home).

Other Curated Display Ideas

  • A tray can serve as an ideal place to keep earrings and necklaces. You can use a simple silver tray. Try bamboo, stone, or driftwood trays if you prefer something fancier.
  • Try an acrylic tray with pre-made compartments.
  • Use a jewelry tree with branches. This lets necklaces hang freely instead of tangling together in one spot like they might on other types of racks.
  • Show off some of your favorite pieces with beautiful DIY jewelry holders made from clay or other art materials.

Closed Storage Ideas

Closed storage is great if you have limited space for your collection. Keep everything neat and tidy with one of these closed storage options.

  • For larger pieces like bracelets and necklaces, try using a small jewelry box or organizer instead of the tray method described above. There are many options available online that come in all shapes and sizes. From simple designs with drawers inside to more avant-garde pieces with many compartments. The most important feature is whether the model will fit your collection comfortably.
  • Use a drawer. Drawers are an obvious choice for organizing jewelry, especially in spaces where there's not much room to spare. One of these drawer jewelry organizers makes efficient use of your drawer space!
  • Try an over-the-door jewelry storage unit. These organizers come in different sizes and styles so you can choose one that contains all your jewelry in a slim and discreet manner. Plus some of them come with a mirror attached to the front!

Your jewelry needs TLC to keep it looking great. Here are some ways to show it some love.

  • Clean your jewelry regularly. Jewelry should be cleaned every time after you wear it, and more often if you’re wearing the same pieces multiple days in a row. Dip your jewelry in a lukewarm water bath and use a soft cloth to gently wipe it down to preserve its longevity.
  • Always protect your jewelry from damage. Most gemstones are fragile and many kinds of gold can scratch easily too! If your jewelry is stored in drawers, consider protecting them by padding each piece with a soft cloth or tissue paper in the compartment.
  • Also, consider storing your most expensive pieces separately from everything else; this way there's no chance of accidental damage during handling!

With these tips, you’ll be able to organize your jewelry in no time. And remember: there's no right or wrong way to store your jewelry: you just need to find the way that works for you!

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